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Engaging the Online Learner

Posted on: March 3, 2011

Welcome to all my cohorts in this exciting course in our M.S. program in Instructional Design through Walden University!  The field of online learning is exploding and I am sure through the next eight weeks that we are exploring this topic, we will learn a great deal about not only what is current in the field, but also what may be possible in the future. It is an exciting time to learn about this fascinating discipline!


10 Responses to "Engaging the Online Learner"

Hi Deborah,

I’m subscribing to your blog.

Hey girl,
Your not in my last class. Who did you get.

Hi Patty,

Miss seeing and hearing from you! I’m taking the Online Specialization sequence which is two more classes and have Mark Clauberg as the instructor. What are you up to?



I will be following your blog this class.


Hi Serena, Thanks for your message. I thank you for looking at my blog and looking forward to learning alongside you as well!

Good to see you in class Deborah, look forward to following your blog.

Crystal A.

Thank you Crystal…I’m glad you are ‘here’ too! Looking forward to learning alongside!

I am looking forward to following your blog.

Karen R.

Thank you Karen. I look forward to learning alongside you as well!

Hi Deborah,
I really like your blog page and I have not as yet had the chance to try out the Goanimate that you linked but it is very interesting that you did. I say this because youtube has a create a video short story and I was wondering when the trend was going to start catching the enthusiastic educators? Thanks for placing it. I feel that animations can be very relevant in educating the learner because there is so much more that can be illustrated and demonstrated where as mare words just cannot verbally compare the learning activities that can be found within. Your connectivism seems to have a nice approach along with the way that it was written and posted with the same link (Goanimate). I am looking forward to more of your posting as we move along.

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